First, I cut zucchini up into small approximately bite sized pieces so that the pieces would take less time to bake and would be easier for me to eat. I coated the zucchini in olive oil and herbs before I baked them for 15 minutes. While the zucchini strips were baking, I made homemade honey mustard. To make honey mustard, you need a base of homemade mayonnaise, which I also had to make. Once the homemade mayonnaise was done I added more mustard and honey and other spices so that it tasted like honey mustard.

The grilled zucchini strips were rather bland by themselves and had a very squishy texture- perfect for my diet but strange in general. I thought the slices were a little bit too thick because when you bit into them the insides weren’t fully soft and there was a strange texture difference between the inside and the outside of the zucchini. The honey mustard turned out exactly like non-paleo store bought honey mustard, if not better. I love the idea that if you need more sweetness or more savory in a dish, you can just adjust the amount of mustard or honey accordingly in your sauce to pair really well with the main dish. The honey mustard supplemented the zucchini strips well and gave them flavor. Overall a very good combination that I would repeat with thinner zucchini strips (maybe like julienne zucchini instead).

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