This was my first time paleo trying any kind of bread substitute. I made paleo biscuits with mainly eggs and coconut flour, although there were other ingredients too like oil and baking powder. It only took me 10 minutes to mix up these biscuits because they didn’t have many ingredients and didn’t require any additional prep or cooking.

Although these biscuits were good and I ate all of them, they were rather egg like (which gives foods a strange spongy texture) and the biscuits were very sweet because of the coconut flour. Generally I use coconut flour when I am making desserts because it is a very sweet flavor and often gives a distinct coconut flavor (which isn’t generally savory). To modify this, next time I would use a recipe that instead has almond flour (more almond flour than coconut flour because coconut flour is much more absorbent), and I would use only 1 egg and replace the moisture with coconut or almond milk to give it a smoother and more realistic texture.

Although the purpose of going paleo is similar to the Whole30 lifestyle, which is not only eating good food but also having a mentality about only eating fresh foods, I like paleo baked goods a lot. I am willing to add them because I am not doing paleo by choice, rather I am doing it for medical reasons, and they are easy to have around the house as a snack. I appreciate the Whole30 mentality, yet I am not fully ready to embrace it because of my time constraints and because I believe that as long as you’re still eating healthy it’s okay to treat yourself to a fake sweet once in a while.


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