For the first week of my paleo diet, it was also a very concise elimination diet, which only included chicken, applesauce, chicken broth and mashed banana.

The day before my first day on the diet-7/10/2015- I made homemade applesauce for the first time. This took me about 2 hours because I had never made it before and I didn’t know how much water should be in the pan and how high heat should be or how much I should check on the apples. I ended up leaving the top off of the pot while the apples were cooking, which I realized during later trials was a very bad move because it releases the water from the apples and it takes much longer for the apples to cook because you need to continually add water. Additionally, I didn’t put enough water in the pan because so much water was evaporated, and the applesauce tasted great but it ended up much thicker than most applesauce. I was surprised that the taste was so good though- especially because this was the first thing I had ever made that was going to be on my diet.

The other thing that I made on 7/10/2015 were chicken patties. I sauteed and had to puree vegetables until they were extremely fine and then added them to chicken patties and cooked them. This took my approximately an hour. Although I was very grateful for these patties and they helped me sustain my salt levels, they tasted strangely like soy sauce and were not very good in general. I didn’t know how to modify this recipe so as soon as I could introduce more foods I took them out of my diet and have introduced better substitutes.

After the first day I could also introduce egg- which was a good protein substitute especially because a lot of the things that I made with chicken had to be very dry because it was very important that all diseases were cooked out of them and I couldn’t add anything to increase the moisture content of the burger.

On 7/12/2015 I made banana egg pancakes and chicken egg pancakes- which together probably only constituted about 30 minutes of prep and cook time. The banana egg pancakes were very good and I have repeated them when I need quick energy, but the chicken-egg pancakes were very dry and were almost inedible they were so dry. This would have been much better with pieces of apple or applesauce mixed into the mix itself to increase the moisture content, but as I made them they were very difficult to eat.

On 7/13/2015 I was supposed to introduce some kind of yogurt. Because I am already lactose intolerant, I decided that it would be better for me to introduce coconut milk yogurt instead of the regular milk yogurt. This may have turned out okay, except I did not fully read the instructions for how to make the coconut milk yogurt and I put the bacteria starter culture in while the yogurt was too hot- which killed off all the bacteria. When I took the yogurt out of the yogurt maker the bacteria hadn’t cultivated, and I was left with a large container of sour coconut yogurt, which was completely inedible. It took me an hour to make the coconut milk because you need to sit and watch and stir coconut flakes while they are in water until the milk has the right consistency and color (very subjective).

On 7/13/2015 I also made roasted butternut squash and introduced that instead of the yogurt because the yogurt didn’t work properly. I have made this several times since then, although you have to make sure the butternut squash is ripe or else you will have a very thready texture, which is not very appetizing. This took me an hour of prep time because I had to cut and peel the butternut squash and then marinate them in olive oil and garlic before baking them. Personally, I think butternut squash is better done in a soup or in a puree rather than a baked form because of the often stringy texture.

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