This recipe is from the magazine Cook in Season by Clean Eating under Baked Honey Mustard Chicken Thighs. The recipe states that it is 45 minutes of hands on cooking time, but because I simplified the recipe to only include the chicken and some sauteed vegetables this only took me 30 minutes of hands on time. I made a large batch of this recipe because we had a lot of chicken in the fridge defrosting that needed to be used, and because we were having a few people over for dinner. I marinated the chicken and cooked the vegetables while my dad cooked the chicken outside. This was my first time touching a raw chicken breast, which was a VERY strange feeling to say the least, but the marinate turned out perfectly. The chicken was very moist and captured both the sourness of the mustard and the sweetness of the honey. I have made this several times since then because it is relatively easy to prepare last minute and it tastes really good with a simple side. I think a saltier side would go better with this dish because there isn’t a lot of salt in this dish (the chicken really only has honey mustard and honey flavor!). I originally only marinated the meat for 4 hours instead of the recommended 8 hours, but with a second trial I found that I liked the chicken better when it was marinated for 8 hours because it absorbed more of the moisture and it had a stronger marinade flavor. The time I included for this was also the time it took me to make this recipe the second time so I could experiment with changing the different marinade time and cooking the chicken in the oven instead of on the barbecue. In general I like the barbecue flavor more because it adds a smokiness to the meat, although the oven helps the chicken retain more of the moisture.

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