This recipe for banana nut muffins was one of the first times I made a baked good on paleo that both looked and tasted completely normal. The texture for this muffin was perfect, which is unusual because sometimes paleo muffins can have a very spongy texture because of the number of eggs used. It was also really flavorful and I felt like I was eating healthy (which may be deceiving but I’m on paleo so something slightly less healthy is still okay).The nut flavor was somewhat subdued which I liked because I’m not a huge fan of the taste of almonds, and it complimented the banana very well. Also, the muffins were really moist which was great. Overall I would probably incorporate something like raisins and cinnamon next time to step up the flavor and make it taste more like cinnamon raisin bread. This would also be a really good base for a bread in general because although it does have a strong taste the flavors can mesh easily with other ingredients.

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