I made butternut squash soup, and then I also boiled chicken and shredded it to add extra protein to the butternut squash soup. The first step was to chop and roast the butternut squash which took a while and I accidentally burned the parchment paper in the process because the oven was too hot for the parchment paper (I probably should have checked the container first). I also roasted apples and onions at the same time. I then stuck the butternut squash, apples, onions, and a bunch of other spices and coconut milk into a pot and cooked them for a while to reduce and mash them a little. Then, I boiled the chicken and blended up the soup in several batches using a blender.

The first step was a big problem for me because I found out I was allergic to butternut squash before it’s cooked. The squash made my hands peel and sting really badly for hours after, and so next time I do this I will make sure to wear gloves. I actually did a little research and the reason it does this is because the squash releases an enzyme to protect itself when it isn’t fully ripe, which causes an allergic reaction in some people.

Past this, there weren’t a lot of problems other than the fact that it was very hands on time consuming and needed to be watched a lot of the time to make sure it didn’t burn at every step.

Overall the soup turned out great though! Although it took time, it was worth it because it tasted great. I probably should have salted the chicken more while it was boiling so that it had a stronger saltier flavor which would have complimented the sweetness of the soup, but it was really warm and comforting. I would definitely make this again, although probably closer to fall when it isn’t so hot in the house (I’m not quite sure what I was thinking because it was so hot).

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