This recipe was a big success but it took so long that I haven’t repeated it since. The hands on time is about 2 hours including prepping and rubbing the ribs, and making the barbecue sauce. I made these with my friend but it still took a whole evening of cooking, starting at like 3 pm and finishing at about 8pm. The ribs need to marinate and have a dry rub for a few hours or overnight, and then the ribs are cooked at a very low temperature for about 2 hours. During this time, we made peach barbecue sauce. Because paleo doesn’t include molasses, which is a main ingredient in normal barbecue sauce, it tasted very different. Although it didn’t taste bad, it didn’t really taste or look like barbecue sauce either.

Although this took forever to make and the barbecue sauce was not typical, the sauce left the ribs with a perfect amount of moisture so they literally fell off the bones. The texture of the meat was absolutely perfect and I would definitely recommend using a paleo sauce because although the ribs weren’t as sweet the texture was so great it made up for the lack of sugar. They definitely weren’t traditional ribs, but still highly recommended!

If i were to make this again I might change the barbecue sauce to see if i could find another recipe that has a taste closer to more traditional sauce to get that original flavor while still maintaining the amount of moisture.

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