First, I had to grate the carrots to add into the carrot cake and squeeze some of the moisture out of them to make sure the cake didn’t become runny. Then, I mixed together all of the ingredients (mainly coconut flour which I like better than almond flour because it also has a smoother texture generally), starting with the dry ingredients and then adding in the wet ones. I folded in the carrots last and then cooked them. I also created a very simple icing by mixing coconut oil and vanilla, which i drizzled on top while warm.

The cake was very good, although it was still a little too sweet for my taste, even without the icing. With the icing was overpoweringly sweet, which was great when I was really missing sugar but otherwise it was too much. The icing was the main problem in this recipe. Once the icing was placed in the refrigerator it froze completely solid, and I would have to cut a small piece out and then place it back on the cake and heat the cake back up. The icing is made out of coconut oil though, so I would have to heat the cake to insanely hot temperatures before the coconut oil would melt enough to eat. I have not made a cake since this recipe, but once I do I will make sure to find a different type of icing. The problem with most paleo icings is that they are made from coconut milk, which must be placed in the fridge a day beforehand to be used as an icing. Usually, my baking comes more as a spur of the moment decision when I have enough time and I’m in the mood to bake, and therefore I can’t make a proper frosting. In the future, I will try and be more prepared and have a can of coconut milk in the fridge at all times because it can be kept in the fridge and there is easy access to more recipes when it’s there.

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