To start, I coated the fish (halibut) with a crushed pecan and walnut mix and cooked them in the oven to make them fish finger-like. Then, I made coconut flour tortillas to have the fish tacos in, which although the recipe was simple the cooking itself was very difficult. I made a quick guacamole with avocados, tomatoes, onions, and lime juice. I also had to prepare the lettuce and peppers to add to the tacos.

The coated fish was one of the best paleo or non paleo fish recipes that I have had, it completely replicated the taste of a fish finger but it didn’t make you feel bad afterwards. The coconut flour tortillas were the hardest part of this recipe because it requires that you not only spoon the right amount of batter, but spread it out over the pan evenly and you have to flip at just the right time or they will be overdone and hard or the batter inside will be gooey. The guacamole, although simple, was refreshing especially with the lime juice and is kind of our family recipe (we make it almost every time someone comes over so this part was quick for me). In the future, I would either buy premade coconut wraps that are made with coconut meat and are much more durable, or use a bigger lighter pan to spread the tortillas out in so that they spread more evenly and cook evenly. I would probably also thin out the batter so they spread naturally rather than having to force them around the pan.

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