I began by marinating the pork loin and rubbing it with spices over a few hours to saturate the meat with more flavor. Then, I roasted the pork loin, originally by searing it on all sides in a pan and then by putting it in the oven. I made the peach sauce by heating slightly overripe peaches, vinegar, honey, and spices. I had to mash the peaches in the sauce, and then took the pork loin out and served it with the warm peach sauce over the top.

I would definitely repeat this recipe, and I have since then generally using different sauce variations. Although I liked this sauce, to me it’s more experimenting with other spices and types of fruit to find out which type of sauce I like the best. Although one may be good, another one may be better, and you can’t know unless you’ve tried a lot of different recipes. If I were to repeat this recipe I would reduce the amount of honey that I put in the sauce because the combination of the honey and slightly overripe peaches created a very strong sugar taste, more than I generally like.

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