Some people say that smoothies aren’t a good thing to have because they break down all of the food for you. While I agree that it would be better to eat the ingredients raw, honestly sometimes smoothies look, taste, and feel more appetizing than a strawberry banana spinach salad. I was hesitant to try smoothies at first because you can accidentally have so much sugar in one drink if you’re not careful about how much honey and fruit you put it, but I managed this by usually making at least half the smoothie spinach or kale or some other leafy green I had in my fridge to balance the sugar.

Smoothies have become a huge part of my paleo life, and every time I’m hungry or need a quick pick-me-up, especially after exercising or working I make a smoothie. Smoothies are super fast which helps, and you can take them with you wherever you go in case you don’t have time to eat at home but you can’t really take a pork loin in the car with you.

Because I was so cautious of adding too many fruits, I accidentally made my first smoothie with wayy too many vegetables. It was a super green smoothie and it was very healthy, but honestly it didn’t taste very good. The spinach made it very acidic, and the cucumber was refreshing yet way too “healthy tasting”. My inner kid rejected this smoothie and I vowed to make better ones in the future.

In the following weeks, I continued experimenting with smoothies and have come to a good balance. Usually I fill the cup up 1/3 of the way with spinach, and then mango another 1/3 and then coconut water or milk up until it’s almost full. At this point, if I want something a little sweeter I can add a little honey or vanilla, but I usually put in a little banana or avocado to make the smoothie creamier (avocado actually doesn’t really have a taste in a smoothie but mimics a milkshake texture!).

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