My name is Madeline Hankins and I am currently a high school senior at Interlake High School. In June i was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease because of the amount of antibiotics I have had to take because of recent infections. My doctor, although he did prescribe steroids and immune suppressant drugs to keep my condition stable, recommended that I begin a diet very similar to a paleo diet in order to regulate my condition and keep my body in the best condition it can be and hopefully alleviate some of my symptoms without medicine. Eating paleo has helped me regain control of my nutrition and my life in general, and through this diet and medication I have been able to neutralize the symptoms of my autoimmune disease and drastically reduce the inflammation in my body.

Eating paleo is challenging because hardly anything paleo is mass produced or pre-cooked, and therefore it takes a lot of time to cook and prepare foods for every meal and snacks. This blog is a map through everything I’ve attempted to cook and my thought process through the paleo lifestyle. This blog will record what I made, when I made it, the amount of time it took me, and general notes and comments on how the food turned out and what I could have done differently

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