Scrambled Eggs: 7/15/2015: 1 hour 10 minutes

7/15/2015 was the day my scrambled egg exploration began.

As silly as this sounds, I had never liked scrambled eggs before this diet, and therefore had never made or ordered them. Once I could eat eggs though, I realized the effectiveness and appeal of scrambled eggs. They’re so fast- maybe 5 or 10 minutes to make them once you get quick at them- and they can have almost any taste that you give them.

The first day I made scrambled eggs I remember they turned out absolutely horribly. I had never had them before and I didn’t want to under cook them, and therefore extremely overcooked them rendering them almost inedible. Over time though I have become an expert at making scrambled eggs: my mom sometimes gets angry that she cant make her scrambled eggs look as nice or taste as fluffy as mine although she has been making them for much longer. Scrambled eggs have become so important to me on this diet and I have them almost every day because they help me stay away during the day and give me actual food to rely on so that I’m not starving an hour later like I so often used to be.

The first time i made scrambled eggs it took almost 20 minutes because I spent so much time choosing which herbs to use and finely chopping up spinach (and the added cooking time also from overcooking them). This was okay but the spinach needed more types of spices because it was strangely acidic, and I haven’t repeated this recipe since then because in general I don’t like the taste of cooked spinach (although I love fresh it’s strange). Later in the day I cooked and spiced ground chicken meat with eggs, which was a great quick, easy, and filling option for me to eat something so simple. I would repeat this recipe although it was somewhat bland so I don’t think I have repeated it much since then.

On the weekend of 7/18 and 7/19 I made 2 different types of scrambled eggs. The first type was with avocado, which I originally cooked. This was not very good because avocado isn’t supposed to have harsh heat on it because it makes it very acidic and denatures the benefits of the avocado. I would not repeat this because the avocado was so acidic. On the 19th I made scrambled eggs with peppers and onions which was very good. The finely sliced bell peppers and onions added color to the scrambled eggs and added different complexities. I have repeated this several times and often include renditions in normal meals because it is easy and with the right spices added can be very flavorful. Prep and cook time for chopping up the vegetables and cooking the vegetables and meats was about 30 minutes total.